Lesson Information


Lesson Information

Here at St Margaret’s Swim School we operate our own lesson criteria in order to ensure your child learns to swim to the best of their ability. The aim of our lessons are to provide your child with a full awareness and understanding of every swimming stroke in addition to water skills and personal survival skills.

We also provide children with the opportunity to complete their ASA Rainbow Distance Swimming Badges on various dates throughout the year.

Further details of our class types can be found below.

Under 5’s Lessons

Parent & Baby Lessons

These sessions are for children under the age of 3 years and are a great introduction to the water and a lesson environment. From the age of 6 months* your baby will be introduced to the water in a safe and enjoyable session, by learning how to move, float and relax in the water. Through the use of games, play and nursery rhymes your child will learn water skills and activities that will prepare them for water based activities later in life.

Toddler Lessons

Our Toddler Lessons are designed for children aged 3 years + who are unable to swim without any flotation aids (armbands or swim discs). Our weekly sessions are a great way to introduce your child to the water and lesson environment and are a natural progression from Parent & Baby sessions.

We feel that encouraging children to learn to swim from and early age can enhance their swimming experience and help them adopt an eagerness to progress further in their water activities.

Children’s Lessons

Our children lessons are for those aged 3 and over. We run lessons for all ages and  abilities weekday’s after school and Saturday’s.
After school lessons take place Monday – Friday (various starts times) and Saturday’s 8:45am -2:30pm.


Non Swimmer 
Our Non Swimmer classes are designed for children usually aged 3 and upwards who are unable to swim with out any aids. In these classes children are taught to move themselves through the water with the help of aids such as armbands or swim discs. These classes also encourage children to develop their water confidence in a safe and enjoyable way. Armbands/Swim Discs will be removed frequently to allow children to progress to swimming unaided on both their front and back.

Why we use Armbands/Swim Discs.
The use of armbands and swim discs for our non swimmer classes, allow us to safely teach your child the correct body position, technique and encourage water confidence they will need to progress appropriately.

Wave 1
A Wave 1 class is suitable for a child who can swim a width of our pool (13 meters) on both their front and back without any aids. In this class children will be introduced to Front Crawl, Back Crawl and the Breaststroke leg kick action and encouraged to develop the basics of these stokes before progressing to the next class.

Wave 2
A Wave 2 class will be suitable for children who can swim fluently on their front and back and show a good standard of Back Crawl/Breaststroke legs and who can demonstrate a basic Front Crawl breathing technique and able to attempt the butterfly leg kick action. In this class swimmers will refine their basic skills to contribute to a good ‘full stroke’ technique.

Wave 2 Strong
Our strongest width class is Wave 2 Strong and in these classes children will be able to demonstrate good standard of Back Crawl, Front Crawl, Breaststroke and a basic standard of Butterfly. This class will work on maintaining their technique and developing their stamina so they are ready for our Length’s Lessons which is the next class progression.

Length’s Lessons
We run 2 levels of Length’s Lessons for children that are of a length swimming standard. The first length classes are 30 minutes and are for those who are able to demonstrate a good technique for all 4 strokes. During these classes they will work on maintaining their technique, improving their stamina and adopting new water skills such as tumble turns, starts and dives. From the 30 minutes lengths, lanes are dived in to 3 levels of Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced swimmers, who progress through the 3 levels.

Our second level of Length’s Lessons is a 45 minute class for those who have advanced through the 30 minutes sessions and can demonstrate a high standard of lengths swimming all 4 strokes. The 45 minute sessions adopt a ‘coaching’ style and targets swimming fitness whilst ensuring good technique is maintained throughout.

These class types are a general description of what each class involves and the standard a child may need to be to swim in each class.

Most children joining our classes will be assessed prior to their first lesson to ensure they are placed into the most appropriate class for their ability.

It is important that, if possible you give us as much information you can regarding your child’s previous swimming experiences.


Private/ 1-1 Swimming Lessons

Here at St Margaret’s Swim School we offer Private/1-1 swimming lessons, these are usually held during school holidays through prior arrangement with your Swimming Teacher. Prices start from £25 for 30 minutes.

For further details please contact the Swim School on 0208 4164604


Adult Lessons

Our Adult Lessons are available for all swimming abilities, whether you are a complete beginner or someone who swims for fitness. The classes are small, friendly and most importantly enjoyable. Adult sessions are Pay As You Go and no booking is required £7.50 per session.

Sessions run as follows:

Resuming 21st September 2021

Beginners & Intermediate
Tuesday 19:15 -20:00
£7.50 Pay As You Go

Pre Booking is required by calling 0208 4164600