General Information

General Information

We recommend that your child has completed all their inoculations before they start Parent & Baby Sessions.

We request that babies and children that require nappies to wear ‘Swim Nappies’ for their swimming Lessons.

Please do not bring your baby/toddler swimming if they have either; a severe cold; have open sores or skin complaints; chest infection or ear infections.
If there are any medical conditions that we should be aware of please do let the teacher know before the lesson commences.

Please note that we initially use armbands or swim discs for our Water Babies and Non Swimmer lessons. Armbands/Swim Discs are removed safely and frequently to allow children to develop their strength and movement in the water. Once the teacher feels they are competent without armbands/swim disc children will be moved into our swimmer classes as and when is possible.

Swimming Lesson Booking & Payment


  1. To book please complete a booking form and  return to St Margaret’s Sports Centre. Please complete your form fully so we have your most recent details.
  2. Applications forms need to be completed for each term or course.
  3. Places will be allocated subject to availability.
  4. Once your place has been allocated, please secure your place with payment within 14 days of receipt of your confirmation.
  5. Please be aware that if payment is not received with in the 14 day period that, your place may be re allocated to another customer.
  6. Payment can be made by cash or  debit  card . We do not except debit card  payment by telephone.
  7. Please ensure you have your booking slip with you upon payment, payment will not be taken without completed paperwork


Cancellation of Lessons

  1. Cancellation of lessons by St Margaret’s Sports Centre may result in additional sessions being held where possible. Any additional classes will be counted as part of the current term.
  2.  In the event of extra classes not being available the missed session will be credited to your next booking.
  3. Refunds will not be given for absences, unless due to extended medical circumstances and at the discretion of the management team.
  4. Credits can not be given for children who refuse to or do not participate in their lessons. Every effort is always made at the time to integrate them into their swimming lesson.

Medical Information

  1. Please advise us upon booking to any medical conditions we should be aware of. All medical information will be treated with the strictest confidence.
  2.  If your child suffers from any gastric illness during the course of the term, please be aware that it is recommended that your child does not swim for at least 3 days following.
  3.  Please seek advice before allowing your child to swim with; open wounds, infections or other potentially contagious conditions.
  4.  Swimmers should refrain from eating at least an hour prior to swimming.


Further Information

  1. Disruptive or dangerous behaviour is not acceptable on site. Continued disruptive or dangerous behaviour may result in your child being removed from the swimming lesson programme.
  2.  Food or Drink must not be consumed on poolside.
  3. Long hair should be tied back or a swimming cap be worn.
  4.  No jewellery is to be worn by swimmers.
  5.  Bone fide swimsuits only are to be worn, long swimming shorts are not recommended.
  6.  Children are permitted to wear goggles during the more advanced stages of lessons (please ask for advice), but please be advised that they do affect their confidence and it is important to practice without goggles.
  7. No out door footwear is to be worn on poolside, blue over shoes are provided in both changing areas.
  8.  Child Admission and Changing Area usage policy states that females or males of 8 years or over should use their designated changing area. Those under the age of 8 years should use the changing area specific to the gender of the accompanying adult